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EWE INSPIRE ME: A Little Pick-Me-Up Decor Project

Updated: Apr 25, 2019

Most people will agree that we need a little pick-me-up from time to time. What’s better than a haircut or a new outfit? It makes us feel fresh...inspired...happy! Well, the same thing applies at home. It’s easy to get tired of your style, pieces of furniture, accessories or an entire room. Instead of completely revamping the house, we offer a service that will give your home a little pick-me-up and re-styling in a matter of hours AND on a budget that works for you! You’d be surprised how furniture arrangement and design tweaks can make a big impact!


One of the biggest design dilemmas we work on is furniture placement. Our client Kristie has lived in her home for several years and was always “stuck” when it came to styling her living room. Her floor plan was clearly dictating her furniture placement and she was left with the “doctor’s waiting room look" with furniture on every available wall.

First thing we do with a little pick-me-up is — pick up. We emptied the room except for the TV cabinet because it was really heavy and that was the only full wall in the room. The dated, over-sized chairs, floor lamp, decor and carpet had to go. The picture window was now visible and the room was looking larger and more open already!!

Here’s the AFTER!

Challenge Accepted Every floor plan starts with its challenges but this space transformed immediately once we moved the leather couch to the middle of the room. Can I just say: Don’t be afraid to let your furniture float! It can and will “float” beautifully if it’s grounded by an area rug that is proportional to the space.
When we started the project one of the first things Kristie told us was that she wanted a new sofa but it wasn’t in her budget in the near future. Challenge excepted! We added lots of pillows and furniture pieces that would update and compliment the existing sofa. Next, Kristie told us she didn’t want to lose seating, so we went on the hunt through the house. We scouted a black, modern chair that wasn’t getting any love in a spare bedroom. Lots of times clients have little and sometimes big treasures (furniture, art, etc...) hidden in their home they don’t think to use.

Design Is Supposed To Be Fun We found a fun, one-of-a-kind, upholstered chair at a local consignment shop, that would add a little “Wow” factor to the space and also give the room some depth. Decorating doesn’t always have to be about using expensive items, but using quality furniture and pieces that are important and meaningful to you. Case in point is the sheep picture (posted above). Our client loves this picture but it was hidden on a wall in the kitchen. We brought it in as our inspiration piece. Ewe get where I’m going with this?! The ottoman (also a consignment piece) brought a light, airy (dare we say - sheep like) feel to the room and is an excellent contrast to the masculine, leather couch. We shopped for some new pillows and brought in some fun accessories and art from our vintage boutique and — voila — it was a whole new room in a matter of hours!!

Break It Up Into Phases To pull the entire design together, we suggested painting the room in a neutral, cool paint color (Benjamin Moore -Balboa Mist OC-27) to compliment the warm hard wood floor. We also suggested adding a ceiling light fixture and lamps. This will be phase 2 of her project. Breaking projects up into several phases makes the whole experience less overwhelming and certainly less wear on the pocketbook. With little time and effort, we can give you the space you crave in your home without spending a fortune. Let us know if ewe would like a little pick-me-up in your home!

Our client sent us a lovely note and here's what she said:

I cannot thank you enough for the room makeover! I love how fresh and updated the room looks. I was amazed at the impact rearranging furniture and decor items can have on a room. I could not have done it without you! You have inspired me to take on another room. I love the big makeover feel for my small budget. I can't wait to see what else you have in store for me.

Thanks again - Krisite J

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