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Updated: Mar 2, 2019


This is our chapter 5. We both have reached a new chapter in our lives as we reached the landmark of 50! We have decided to venture out into the blog-o-sphere and try our darnedest to make this a quick easy read — but, most importantly, joyful and fun. We will show you multiple creative ideas and hopefully — a few laughs.

For the LOVE of…

  • art

  • the thrill of the hunt to find that perfect piece

  • interior styling and staging

  • restyling in a day

  • mixing colors and textures

  • the blending of multiple eras and period styles

  • traveling

Our Connection…

  • born 3 weeks apart in 1966

  • friends and partners in design

  • Anne and her hopelessly devoted husband Joe with Nick, Hannah, Joe and Amy

  • Kristina and her endless love Joe (yes we both have Joe's - henceforth they will be referred to as "the Joes") with Wes, his wife Riley, and Nate

#interriordesign #renovation #chapter5

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